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Welcome to the website of the University of Sulaimani (UOS), the largest and eldest educational establishment in Iraqi kurdistan. Your interest and enthusiasm are appreciated. Sulaimani University comprises 8 Faculties and 2 colleges, the main campus is in Sulaimani city and satellite campuses are in the towns of Khanaqin, Kalar, Halabja and Chamchamal. The university has a total yearly enrollment of more than 4000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university offers a variety of major programmes inc...Read more
Activities News

The 1st International Scientific Agricultural Conference At November 20th - 21st , 2013

Announcement :A new book is published by Dr. Ibrahim M. J. Mohialdeen under the title:"Principle of Geology- in Kurdish"


A Polish Delegation Representing Eight Polish Universities Visits University of Sulaimani

A German Delegation Visits University of Sulaimani

Meeting with British Council

French delegation to Sulaimani



Signing MoU with University of Bitlis

A Representative of University of Sulaimani Visits the United States for Participation in IVLP Program

University of Sulaimani's Delegation Visits Erasmus MC in Holland

University of Sulaimani's Delegation Visits Karlsruhe in Germany

Dr. Ali Wahab Kareem Sangawi, Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics,has received some awards based on excellent academic achievements

The 2012 World Congress in Computer Science

A Workshop on IT Solutions for the UoS Database System (27-29 August 2012)

The First Geological Conference of Kurdistan in November 14-16, 2012 Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

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A new book is published by Dr. Faraidun K. Hamasalh under the title:"Investigation in Lacunary Interpolations with Applications"
A new book about Computer Multimedia is published by Dr. Aree Ali Mohammed
The Faculty of Agriculture (SUFA) is recognized as an International Plant Science Center
Announcement: A new book is published by Dr. Karwan Hama Faraj, under the title: "Analysis of Spectral Characteristics of Non Self-Ad Joint.."
Announcement: A New Book is published by Dr. Tola A. Mirza ,under the title "CHROMITITE OF MAWAT OPHIOLITE COMPLEX, KURDISTAN REGION, NE IRAQ"
Announcement: A New Book about Organic Geochemistry is published by Dr. Ibrahim M. Mohialdeen
Announcement: A New Book is published by Dr.Mohammed Abdullah Hussein ,under the title "Client Server based Remote Access through the Internet"